Product Benefits

Ideas that work for life is rooted in our company DNA and guides us in everything we do:


Reliable Signals

Ambu is a recognized centre of excellence in electrodes design and development.

The original Blue Sensor concept with offset connector, wet gel and double ring adhesive has continuously evolved over 40 years to include specific products for all ECG applications.  All patient and user requirements are taken into careful consideration when producing Ambu electrodes.

Neuroline electrodes have been developed based on customer demands to have special electrodes for Neurophysiology.  The market has rapidly expanded and we listen to your needs for further development and innovation.

Sleepmate sensors are the standard for excellence in sleep diagnostics.

Ambu is committed to continue developing innovative solutions to meet patient monitoring and diagnostics demands. 


Efficient workflow

Ambu electrodes ensure an optimal performance to help improve efficiency in your department.

By using high quality single-use electrodes, you can save time and optimize your procedures.

With Blue Sensor electrodes you can eliminate the risk of false alarms during ECG monitoring.

Neurophysiologists appreciate the excellent sound quality and painless insertion of Ambu Neuroline needles for EMG.

You can rely on optimal performance and excellent customer service when working with Ambu.