La nostra gente

We are 2,250 people at Ambu. Here you can meet some of us.


Teoh Loo Leong​
Staff Technical Engineer​
Worked at Ambu Malaysia since June 2008​

"I have always been fascinated by the medical industry, because I strongly believe in saving lives. When I joined Ambu, there were not many medical companies in Penang. I was from an electronics company background which I feel is very common. When I heard about Ambu, I quickly looked into the company’s background and the products they produce and soon realized that Ambu is where I want to be."


Alisia Dinger
Product specialist in anesthesia and visualization
Worked at Ambu Germany since 2014

"I appreciate the development of new ideas in the team very much. Working in Ambu Germany is in line with the company's philosophy "Ideas that work for life" - We are open to new ideas and we implement them. I also utilise my skills and am able to develop further, and I get the opportunity to take ownership of projects. In addition, I appreciate the positive working atmosphere, which give a sense of belonging."


Line Kagenow Svenstrup
Regulatory Affairs Professional
Worked at Ambu in Ballerup, Denmark since 2014

"What I truly appreciate by working in Ambu is the feeling of contributing to drive things forward. To be able to see a high quality product hit the marked after all project activities have been finalized and all challenges have been resolved. I like the variation in my every day work. To be part of many different projects and to face the variety of regulatory questions raised. Nevertheless, what I appreciate the most is the dynamics with my colleagues who can always spare five minutes to help or to get a fresh cup of coffee."


Diana Avendaño Sønderup
Corporate Product Manager
Worked at Ambu in Ballerup, Denmark since 2011

"I enjoy that Ambu provides the opportunity to be part of projects where there is high interaction with international colleagues and challenging assignments to be solved. There is also a nice atmosphere at the office and colleagues are open minded and collaborative.
As a foreigner in Denmark, I appreciate that Ambu is a good example of the Danish working culture where there is focus on the well-being of the employees, work-life balance and open communication."